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Benefits of using a Business Mentor

  • Offer guidance and share ideas during a growth phase - a successful, growing business brings new challenges such as hiring new staff, raising new capital and entering new markets. A business mentor can offer specific support, share best practice from other industries and sectors, caution against potential pitfalls and instil confidence in your plans.
  • Sounding board - a key role of a business mentor is to listen, stimulate and challenge your thinking. This will help you develop your own ideas and arrive at your own solutions to your business challenges at a much faster rate than doing this by yourself. This alone should lead to better decision making.
  • Will encourage you to leverage your business networks - your business mentor will help you develop your business network and customers within your industry, as well as other professionals.
  • Will hold you accountable - having a business mentor will not automatically fix all your business challenges. You will still have to do the work and invest the time and effort to implement changes. A mentor will help you set goals and milestones as well make you accountable for delivering on them.
  • Will keep you focused on your goals - it is very easy to get side tracked when you run a business, your business mentor will make sure you do the high value work you should be doing and avoid getting side-tracked.
  • Will challenge you - sometimes when we run a business, we can get a little stale and start settling for things. Your Business Mentor will challenge you to go that extra mile to improve standards. They will help you develop your skills, increase your motivation and be there to celebrate your successes.
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